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Here are Presentations that have been shown at our Meetings:

"Winter Birds of Bosque del Apache"
by Eileen Johnson

"Iceland's Raw Beauty"
by Dale Hasselfeld

In early March, Dale joined an Iceland Photography Workshop. The group of seven covered a total 1,000 miles over six days. They lived in converted mini-vans, which provided flexibility to visit numerous locations at the most photogenic times. Iceland is a country of majestic snow-capped volcanic mountains. It offers glaciers, waterfalls, black sand beaches, geothermal geysers, and the Northern Lights. Its stark, rugged beauty provided opportunities for a memorable presentation.

"The Joy of Making Photo Books"
by Jim Hafft

Jim Hafft gave a very informative presentation covering in part Why Make Photo Books, tips on making photo book with examples of books he has made. A must read for anyone interested in creating their own photo books.

"Madagascar: Bats and Bandits (oh, and some lemurs)"
by Nancy Donahoe

Located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in world and one of the world's least developed countries. The island attracts world-wide attention because 90 percent of its wildlife - including its celebrated and engaging lemurs - are found nowhere else on earth. Nancy Donahoe traveled to Madagascar in November 2018. Her National Geographic tour was highlighted by the presence of Patricia Wright, the world's foremost research scientist on lemurs. Despite an arduous tour - very early mornings, heat and humidity, 4000-feet elevation, dense jungle hiking, challenging photo conditions, and long bus rides Nancy experienced beautiful landscapes, fascinating villages and their people, and abundant wildlife up close and personal.

"Greek Vacation"
by Michelle Su

Michelle Su went on a Greek Vacation in 2018. She was amazed by the beauty and long history of Greece. She really enjoyed photographing the Greek islands, particularly Santronini and Mykonos, the volcanic islands in the Aegean Sea. She thinks it is among the most beautiful places she ever visited. Her presentaion was just the right mixture of why and how she took the shots along with some stunning photos. She truly has an eye for composition.

"Columbia and Snake River Cruise"
by Tom Donahoe

In late September - early October 2018, Tom and Nancy Donahoe cruised the Columbia and Snake Rivers aboard a paddle-wheel ship with American Cruise Lines. They traveled some 450 miles from Fort Clatsop at the mouth of the Columbia to Hell's Canyon on the Snake. The cruise focused on the Lewis and Clark expedition which was brought to life by the superb lecturer/historian Todd Weber. In addition to Lewis and Clark's adventures, they viewed and learned much about the Columbia River Bar - "Graveyard of the Pacific"; the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980 and the Columbia Gorge wildfire in 2017. Also, along the way, they visited and photographed Multnomah Falls, Pendleton, The Dalles, and other fascinating sites.

Presentation Notes.
"A Little of This - A Little of That"
by Dale Hasselfeld

Dale Hasselfeld showcased his talents again by sharing his time lapse photography of Half Dome at sunset and briefly discuss the time lapse learning process steps he has been studying. Recent trips to Italy, Mexico, Yosemite, and the 2018 San Francisco LEAP Sand Castle Contest provided quite a potpourri of material for this last presentation of 2018.

Notes on Making a Time Lapse Movie.
by Garett Wisesan

Garett Wisesan gave a great presentation on his recent trip to Italy where he visited Tuscany, Lucca, Siena, Cinque Terre, Florence and Rome. Using a Canon EOS 6D and Samsung Galaxy S7, his original interest for the trip was to photograph Cinque Terre. We always look forward to seeing some great images, but would also like to know why and how a photo was taken and what was the experience like. His presentation met those goals and more.
"Death Valley, California, and Valley of the Fire, Nevada"
by Lynn Smith

Lynn Smith gave a great presentation on his recent trip to Death Valley, California, and Valley of the Fire, Nevada, with Aperture Academy. From time to time we have all seen photos from Death Valley, but Lynn's presentation had the most colorful and stunning images.
"Images from Cuba"
by Alex Valcohen

Alex gave a most informative presentation on his trip to Cuba earlier this year. He was most interested in photographing the old cars and architecture that he had seen in other photographers' images and he wanted to experience the country before it had changed too much due to increased tourism. Alex is our fourth member (see Presentations below) to visit and photograph Cuban life and culture and each have given us a different view and insight. He has a great eye and shared some beautiful images. His black and white images are particularly stunning.
"Exploring Southern California Deserts and Mountains: From RAW to Finish"
by Dale Hasselfeld

  • Presentation Images
  • Cambodia - A Photographic Journey
    by Kelly Burgoyne

    Adventures in Santa Fe
    by John Templeton

  • Presentation Images
  • South African Adventure
    by CJ Singh

    Polar Bears of Churchill
    by Tom Donahoe

  • Presentation Images
  • Presentation Notes
  • Food Styling from France
    by Kelly Burgoyne

    *Note: Diner en Blanc is a worldwide event, spanning six continents, in which people flash-gather in a public space and set up a temporary, chic dining area. Guests come dressed in white to enjoy quality food and wine. Diners are required to provide their own food, tables, chairs and tableclothes. Only a select number of participants who have previously signed up are made privy to the location the day of the dinner, and generally converge in an iconic city location.
    San Francisco Avon Walk
    by Alex Taflya

    Fiji 2017
    by James Rockafellow

    Climbing Mt Kenya and Kilimonjaro
    by Pete Caldwell

    Columbia Gorge
    by Lynn Smith

    My Adventures in Starting Up a Pet Photography Business
    by Lisa Franklin

    Return to Cuba
    by Phillip Lee

    Post Card from Australia
    by Michelle Su

    New England Seaside Villages
    by John Templeton

    Japan - A Culture All Its Own
    by Tom Donahoe

    Presentation Notes

    Confessions of an Adventure Photographer
    by Jerry Samelson

    Three Amigos Went to Cuba
    by Lisa Franklin, Marilyn Verducci and Phil Lee

    Presentation Notes

    Eastern Europe
    by Michelle Su

    Stock Photography
    by Michael Warwick

    New Zealand
    by Jerry Samelson

    Presentation Notes

    Wyoming Cowboy Country
    by John Templeton

    Murals: The Art, Culture and Back Stories
    by Lynn Smith

    by Michael Warwick

    Circum-Navigation of Iceland
    by Jerry Samelson

    National Geographic Top Tips for Nature/Travel Photography.
    Chance Elements in Art Making
    by Peter Foucault
    Making a Photo Book
    by Jim Hafft
    On the Wing: Birds of Bosque del Apache
    by Tom and Nancy Donahoe

    Presentation Notes.
    creative.jpg - 38573 Bytes
    Michigan Macro
    by Tom and Nancy Donahoe
    hawaii-revist.jpg - 48806 Bytes
    Hawaii Revisited
    by Nancy Perkins and Jerry Samelson
    postcard.jpg - 21449 Bytes
    Beyond the Post Card
    by Nancy and Tom Donahoe
    Susan Rosner.jpg - 45122 Bytes
    Architectural Photography
    by Susan Rosner
    Thailand.jpg - 23872 Bytes
    A Non-Tourist's View of Thailand
    by Tom Crews
    Mays.jpg - 37328 Bytes
    Wild Bird Photography
    by Don Mays
    brennan.jpg - 61829 Bytes
    Photos from Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya
    by Kathleen Brennan
    Greek-Isles.jpg - 30054 Bytes
    Raw to Image: Greece and the Greek Isles
    by Tom Donahoe
    talken.jpg - 31988 Bytes
    Spain: Patterns and Textures
    by Marilyn Talken
    Photography as a Business
    by Beth Wytrogen
    Two for Turkey
    by Doreen Miller
    Rodeo Photography
    by Lynn Oakleaf
    Trials, tribulations, and joys of trying to photograph in Alaska.


    by Gary Ellis
    The Amazing Holga
    by Jacki Golding
    Yosemite Valley and the Merced River Canyon


    by John Ricca and David Lipton
    Grand Tetons

    by Kathleen Brennan
    Mysteries of Infrared Photography Revealed

    Advantages of using an infrared converted camera verses a non converted camera

    by Jim Mammon
    Yellowstone in Winter

    Presentation Notes

    by Tom and Nancy Donahoe
    Fall Colors of New Hampshire

    by Jerry Samelson
    "75 Years of Aircraft Photography."

    by Bill Larkins
    Here you will find a link to Bill Larkins' web page.
    Fine Art Flowers

    Presentation Notes

    by Kathleen Brennan
    "Discovering the SF Bay Area"

    by Michael Warwick
    "Arizona Living Desert"

    Photos by Jerry and Nancy Samelson
    "Snapping shots of timeless Holy Land antiquities, passions, fears"

    By Alan Kite
    "On Assignment"

    By Tom Donahoe
    "From Buckingham Palace to the California parish pump: A photojournalist's journey"

    By Susan Skinner
    "Italy Remembered"

    Presentation Notes

    by Jerry Samelson
    "20 Tips on Wildlife Photography"

    Presentation Notes

    by Robert Mandell
    "What Light Can Do - Photographing in New Mexico"

    Presentation Notes

    by Tom Donahoe
    "Wandering with Eyes Open: Lifescapes of the Lafayette Reservoir"

    Presentation Notes

    by Steve Hobbs
    "Seeing Creatively"

    Presentation Notes: Creating Panoramas and using Photomerge

    by Michael Warwick
    "Making Photo Essays: Sacred American Southwest Stories"

    by Alan Kite
    "Camera + Microscope"

    Presentation Notes

    by Allison Carter

    Presentation Notes

    by Dan Rosenstrauch
    "Wild Japan: Snow Monkeys, Sea Eagles and Cranes"

    by Lynn Brewer and Tom Taylor
    "Korea - Its Land and People"

    by Nancy and Jerry Samelson
    "Color Composition"

    by Michael Warwick
    "How to Use Built-In and On-Camera Flash"

    by Jeff Smith
    "Two India's"

    by Nancy Donahoe (N) and Lynn Brewer (L)

    Presentation Notes

    "Bob's Favorite Photos from 2013"

    by Robert Mandell

    "America's Cup Revisited"

    by Tom Donbahoe

    Presentation Notes

    "Sky Sights That Impress"

    by Marni Berendsen

    Presentation Notes

    "Return to China"

    by Michelle Su

    "Capturing Culture: Photographs from Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Ghana and The Dominican Republic"

    by Niki Stefanelli

    Presentation Notes

    "My World of Food Photography"

    by Lara Hata

    "Introduction to Infrared Photography Workshop"

    by Rodney Bergquist

    "Using Motion & Movement To Create Unique, Fine Art Images"

    by John Ricca

    Presentation Notes

    "Spending a Night with an Ancient Bristlecone Pine"

    by John Templeton

    Star Photograph Checklist

    "Olloclip 3-in-1 lens for iPhone"

    by Lynn Watson

    "Travels with Michael"

    by Michael Warwick

    "Street Photography"

    by Lisa Franklin

    "3D Photography Presentation Notes"

    by John Ballou